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Tips For The Little League Umpire
  • Do Not point the batter to first base after a walk (simply state "ball four" after the pitch)
    • Danger example - plate umpire points to first base alerting the batter that he is to go to first base because it is a walk.  The first base umpire misinterprets the plate umpire's signal and thinks the plate umpire is appealing to him on a check swing.  The first base umpire indicates that the batter did - in fact - swing and calls the pitch a strike.  Do not point to first on a walk.
  • Do Not make stadium calls
    • A stadium call is when the umpire is loud and emphatic when they don't need to be.  Example:  An obvious foul ball does not need a loud emphatic "foul" if everyone in the stadium knows it's foul.
  • Do Not forget to put the ball in play after a foul ball or a time out.
  • Do Not wear a ball bag while umpiring the bases.
  • Do Not take your eyes off of the ball ever (while the ball is in live).
  • Do Not have rabbit ears.
  • Do Not make quick calls.
  • Do Not carry a rule book on your person.
  • Do Not call your indicator a "clicker" - it is an indicator.
  • Do Not carry your indicator in your right hand - that is your action hand - carry the indicator in your left hand.
  • Do Not wear your baseball hat backwards.