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Umpire Links
WRLLUmpires Discussion Group The purpose of this group is to provide a place where we can discuss Little League rules, mechanics, training and game management as taught at Western Region LL, but certainly not exclusive to that. The group will not accept any list-bullies and the nature of our posts will be for education - not criticism. We want to give everybody an opportunity to learn in an environment where no question is considered a dumb question and you will not be belittled for your posts or subsequent responses.  The group is primarily for umpires, but all who have an interest in officiating Little League baseball are welcome.  This is a Yahoo Group site and requires you register as a Yahoo user (free).  This site is absolutely invaluable.  The main function of the group is an exchange of ideas that can be seen on the website, or can be handled through your email.
Jim Evan's Academy of Professional Umpiring Jim Evans is the ultimate authority on the training of umpires.  If you ever get a chance to attend one of his 3-day or week long courses - do so!  He also offers a five week course for those aspiring professional umpires (very expensive - but if you plan on umpiring for a living, there's no better course out there according to those in the know.)  There are only two professional baseball umpiring schools recognized by Major League Baseball - this is one of them.
Honig's Umpiring Equipment (probably the best site for your needs)
Gerry Davis Umpiring Equipment & Umpire Reference Materials (a good site to browse)
California District 39 Umpire Site Lots of good information here.  D39 puts on one of the best LL umpire clinics every year.  They are located in the Santa Cruz/Aptos, California area.