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Umpire Signaling
The Basic Six

Ball (Plate Umpire)

Strike (Plate Umpire)

Safe (Base Umpire)

Out (Base Umpire)

Time (Plate Umpire)

Foul (Base Umpire)

Other Signals

Play (Plate Umpire)

Foul Tip (Plate Umpire)

Safe - Off The Bag (Base Umpire)

Check Swing Strike (Plate Umpire)

...coming soon...

Check Swing Appeal (Plate & Base)


Awarding Bases

Scoring Run On Timing Play (Plate)

No Run Scores On Timing Play (Plate)


Umpire To Umpire Signals
...coming soon...

1st to 3rd Coverage

Infield Fly

Plate Umpire Covering 3rd on Tag-up From 2nd Base

Plate Umpire Staying Home

Timing Play