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Umpire Signaling - The Basic Six

Ball     Strike     Safe     Out     Time     Foul


Step 1
(Right-handed Batter)
From this heel-toe slot position, you will raise up and at the same time begin a crossover step


Step 2
Complete the crossover step by crossing your left foot (sideways) over your right foot.

At the same time that you are coming out of your squat, you begin your time signal.



Step 3
Complete the "time" mechanic by taking one more step with your right foot and continuing to hold up the "time" signal until you are certain that the pitcher has full recognition that time has been called.


This mechanic is used when the batter asks for time just before the pitcher is about to pitch.  Use good judgment when deciding to grant time at the last second.  A general guideline is to not grant time when the pitcher has started his/her motion unless you know a safety issue is involved.

Be sure to verbalize "TIME" loud so that you get the attention of everyone on the field. 

This mechanic is simply a crossover step and one more step while signaling and verbalizing time.

For a left handed batter, the crossover step would start with the right foot crossover and move the opposite direction (to the left)