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Umpire Signaling - The Basic Six

Ball     Strike     Safe     Out     Time     Foul


Step 1
Once you have arrived at the position where you will make the judgment call at a base, you can return to the hands-to-knees set position as indicated in this picture.
Step 2
Upon judging the runner safe, raise both arms straight out and parallel to the ground, as pictured.


Step 3
Indicate the safe signal, as indicated in picture 3 and verbalize "Safe". 

The proper verbalization is not "He's safe" or "She's Safe", it is simply, "Safe".

Step 4
With your upper arm parallel to the ground, swing your right hand to the side of your head.


(Step 3 & 4 are done in a continuous half moon motion with the hand)

Step 5
Return to the hands-to-knees set position  if the situation does not dictate you need to go elsewhere. Maintain this until the ball is thrown elsewhere, intentionally. 

Until the ball is thrown elsewhere, there is always potential for more action, such as a runner stepping off the base and being tagged, etc.