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Umpire Signaling - The Basic Six

Ball     Strike     Safe     Out     Time     Foul


Step 1
Once you have arrived at the position where you will make the judgment call at a base, you can return to the hands-to-knees set position as indicated in this picture.  This helps steady your head and eyes.


Step 2
Upon judging the runner out, raise up as indicated here and stretch your right hand out as if "shaking someone's hand."


Step 3
With your upper arm parallel to the ground, swing your right hand to the side of your head.


(Step 1,2 & 3 are done in a continuous half moon motion with the hand)

Step 4
Complete the out signal by closing your fist and swinging your forearm to a 45 degree angle while maintaining your upper arm parallel to the ground.

When moving your forearm forward, you will verbalize, "He's Out" or "She's Out".