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Umpire Signaling - The Basic Six

Ball     Strike     Safe     Out     Time     Foul


Step 1
Once you have arrived at the position where you will make the judgment call on a fair/foul ball, be sure to be stopped (head/eyes are still).


Step 2
Once you have decided on the foul call, raise both arms, as indicated in the picture (same as time mechanic), at the same time -  verbalize "FOUL".

(not "foul ball")


Step 3
After giving the time signal, point to foul territory.

Remember, you are verbalizing "FOUL" (not "time") while giving the time mechanic, then pointing to foul territory with either the right or left hand, depending on which way is foul territory.


You should already be stopped before the ball lands fair/foul to assure your "camera" (head/eyes) is still.