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Umpire Signaling - The Basic Six

Safe - Off The Bag


Step 1
Once you have arrived at the position where you will make the judgment call at a base, you can return to the hands-to-knees set position as indicated in this picture.
Step 2
Upon judging the runner safe, raise both arms straight out and parallel to the ground, as pictured.

Step 3

Indicate the safe signal, and verbalize "Safe".

Step 4

After the normal safe signal (Step 1 - 3), indicate, with both hands, a sweeping motion across your body as indicated in step 4 & 5. 

Verbalize "Off The Bag" while doing step 4 & 5

Step 5 Step 6
Repeat the safe signal while verbalizing "Safe" again.

Step 3 "Safe"
Step 4 & 5 "Off The Bag"
Step 6 "Safe"

This is a call that needs to be "sold" to everyone because most of the time no others but you and possibly your fellow blue will detect the fact that the fielder pulled his/her foot off the base.