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Situation Positioning
60' Field

A Position

No Runners On Base



   On a base hit with no one on base, it would be possible for a rundown to develop on the batter-runner between 1st and 2nd or between 2nd and 3rd or conceivably between 3rd and home. If a rundown develops between 3rd and home, the umpires will split the rundown half-and-half, i.e., the plate umpire will take the home plate half of the rundown while the base umpire takes the 3rd base half.  Communication between the umpires would be, "I've got this half, Sam! I've got this half" or "Half and half! Half and half!"
   With multiple runners on and a rundown develops between 3rd and home the base umpire has initial responsibility. As soon as possible, the plate umpire should move out from behind the plate and communicate to his/her partner "I've got it all!" The base umpire will then release to cover the other runners.
   The rundown between 1st and 2nd or between 2nd and 3rd is handled in a similar manner. In this case, once the plate umpire sees that a rundown is developing, he/she will run down the foul line approximately 3/4 of the way towards 1st or 3rd staying about 3 feet in foul territory. He/she must be careful not to run his/her partner off during the rundown, but instead should wait until the batter-runner (runner) is moving away from him/her. As he/she moves in and is ready to assume responsibility, he/she will communicate to his/her partner; "I've got this half, Sam! I've got this half!" The plate umpire will then be responsible for any play made on the batter-runner (runner) in his/her half. The base umpire will have the responsibility for the rest of the rundown.