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The rules of baseball can be very confusing.  Within the different levels of baseball (Professional, College, High School, Little League, etc.), there exists interpretation manuals to assist in deciphering the rules.  While we, as arbiters of baseball, would love to have one set of rules, that is not reality.  Each of these levels of baseball has their own set of guidelines/interpretations.

For Little League, this manual is called the Umpire School Rules Instruction Manual, or sometimes referred to as the RIM (Rules Instruction Manual).  For the first time (2008), Little League Baseball and Andy Konyar (Little League Umpire-in-Chief) have offered this manual online, free.  For the rules aficionado, this manual is invaluable.  The RIM not only allows for interps and describes play situations, but lists the instructor comments for various sections.  The RIM includes all playing rules (section 1 - 9) and includes specific sections from regulations IV (The Player), VI (Pitchers) and XIV (Field Decorum).

You can download the 2008 Umpire School Rules Instruction Manual here.

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