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Pre-Game Conferences

Umpire To Umpire Pre-Game Conference
The umpire to umpire pre-game conference is very important and can prevent many mishaps during the course of the game.  The following subjects should be discussed:

Fair/Foul Coverage Discuss who will make calls on fair/foul decisions.  Recommended Methods:
Base umpire should make fair/foul decisions on balls on the right field line that reach and pass the 1st base bag only when the base umpire is in the A position (no runners on base).  The plate umpire should make all other fair/foul decisions.
Tag-up/Touches Discuss who will be responsible for seeing touches and tag-ups of bases.
Recommended Methods: 
Plate Umpire - all tag-ups at 3rd base.  All runners touching 3rd base, except batter runner.
Base Umpire - All tag-ups at 1st & 2nd base.  All runners touching 1st & 2nd base and for batter-runner - 1st, 2nd & 3rd base.
Fly Balls To The Outfield Discuss who will be responsible for calls on fly balls to the outfield.
Recommended Methods:
On all routine fly balls, the plate umpire will be responsible.
On trouble balls to the outfield, the base umpire will announce he/she is going out and will be responsible for calls in the outfield.
Fly Balls To The Infield  
Coverage of Third Base  
Putting The Ball In Play (Restart after foul/dead balls)  
Dropped Third Strike (Juniors & above)  
Batted Balls That Hit Batter While In Box  
Check Swings  
Umpire Positioning