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Situation Positioning
60' Field

B Position

Runner On 1st Base

Fly Balls & Line Drives in the Infield


   All fly balls and line drives to the infield, including fly balls fielded by the catcher, on the 60-foot diamond are the responsibility of the home plate umpire. The home plate umpire, by moving out into foul territory in the direction of 3rd base, should be able to observe the play and view the field in its entirety to make whatever call is necessary and will have everything in front of him/her.
   It is important to remember that the base umpire should NOT move into the infield on fly balls to the infield, but should position himself/herself in the best position to be ready for any play or situation that may develop. The base umpire is already in a position where the runner, ball and any play will be in front of him/her.
   If the fly ball is caught the base umpire should be alert to any possible throw to 1st base to catch the runner either off of the base or before the runner can return to 1st base. If the fly ball is not caught the base umpire must be alert to any possible play at 2nd base for the force out on the runner or to any play at 1st base in an attempt to put out the batter-runner at 1st base.

   On all line drives to the infield, the base umpire will be positioned behind the infielders which will make it difficult for the base umpire to see the play properly and to be able to make a good, unobstructed call on the line drive. There are times when the base umpire will be in a position that he/she may have a good side angle on a line drive to help the home plate umpire as to whether the ball was trapped or not, but generally speaking, the basic position of the base umpire on a 60 foot diamond puts the base umpire at a disadvantage on the line drive calls. So, the primary responsibility for all line drives will fall on the plate umpire.