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Situation Positioning
60' Field

B Position

Runners On 1st Base (only)

   With a runner on 1st base only, the base umpire will position himself/herself midway between the second baseman and the 2nd base bag approximately halfway (30 to 40 feet) between 1st and 2nd base and outside the infield/baseline. The umpires' body should be square to the front edge of home plate and in the "set" position (hands locked lightly on the knees). The base umpire should key this position off of the second baseman and be two to three steps to the side and behind the second baseman's left shoulder. If the second baseman is shaded to his/her left towards 1st base, the base umpire must adjust his/her position to being off the second baseman's right shoulder. It is also important to be very careful not to take a position that will be in the line of sight of the right fielder to home plate. If the right fielder asks the umpire to move, DO IT!
   From this position, the base umpire will be in a good position to watch the pitcher for any violations. Also, to help the plate umpire on half swings or batted balls that strike the batter; to be able to observe if the runner leaves early and if there could possibly by any obstruction on the runner stealing. It is also a very good starting position from which the base umpire can get into the proper position for any plays. With a few steps or minimal movement, he/she should be able to cover steals at 2nd base, double plays, plays at 1st base only and any possible pick offs at 1st base.
   It is very important that the base umpire not setup too deep into the outfield or too far towards 1st or 2nd base. That could put the base umpire in a poor position or angle that would make it difficult to properly cover and make the calls on the plays at 1st or 2nd base.