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Jeff Frese
District 8 UIC

John Beyer
Asst D8 UIC

Bob Waugh
D8 Senior Staff Umpire

Jim Osborne
D8 Staff Umpire

Jonah Salerno
D8 Staff Umpire

to the Little League California District 8 website for umpires.  The intent of this site is to have a location where Little League umpires can come to learn.  While some of the calendar information is geared toward umpires in California District 8, this is a learning site for all Little League umpires.  All rules, regulations and mechanics are the same throughout Little League, although some mechanics are taught differently, depending on who you learn from.  What you will find here is pretty much by the official Little League book, as taught at the regional schools and other official Little League clinics.

   Within this website, I have tried to include all aspects you will need as an umpire.  This includes the basics, such as rules & regulations, mechanics, equipment, signaling, etc., but also includes more in depth subjects that will be very beneficial to the Little League umpire, such as rule interpretations, baseball rule myths, game management, pre-game conferences, etc.  If you find that you cannot get an answer to any question you have about umpiring, you can send us an email on the "Ask a Rules Question" page, even if your question is something other than a rules question.  We are not saying that we know everything, but if we don't have an answer, we will find it, expeditiously, for you.

Jeff Frese

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